ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture is refering to exhibitions presenting the latest Warsaw architectural designs which were held in the space of the pedestrian Pasaż Wiecha passage in the past.

Meetings, lectures, discussions, workshops and exhibitions will be taking place in ZODIAK, addressed to both adults and children. New event formats will bring up issues related to architecture, investments and economic development of the city, showing their impact on residents and the space around them. ZODIAK is a place of discussion about the future of the city, which, thanks to its unique location in the very center of Warsaw, will attract not only architects, designers or investors, but, above all, residents.

Levels -1 and 0 are a compendium of knowledge about architecture and the city. Both levels are the center of information, documentation and exhibition of architecture and urban planning in Warsaw. The pavilion is also a place for public debate on urban development and a workshop of ideas for Warsaw. This is a place of experiment and architectural challenges that stand in front of agglomerations. Thanks to modern forms of communication, knowledge about the city’s development and architectural projects is presented in an attractive and understandable way for each recipient. Importantly, expanding knowledge about projects and plans will give Varsovians the opportunity to participate in a city-forming process in a conscious and active manner.

On level 0, there are 189 sqm of exhibition space dedicated to cyclical exhibitions and installations (in the future a café is also planned here), and an office (20 sqm).

Level -1 offers 110m2 of lecture space dedicated to presentations and discussions (the room is equipped with a projector and chairs).

Events in this area are organized with the cooperation of Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Warsaw (Biuro Architektury i Planowania Przestrzennego m.st. Warszawy) and the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects (Oddział Warszawski SARP).