The H & M Challenge Accepted event, whose partner was the World Wide Fund for Nature, touched on topics related to the sustainable development of the fashion industry and innovation in the production of eco-friendly fabrics (eg from orange peel and pineapple). During the event, workshops were held for Warsaw startups.

Modern fashion and design is one of the key industries supported by the City, with a high growth potential and significant export potential.

“During the conference a number of thematic discussion panels, presentations and workshops were organized for young entrepreneurs and people wanting to start their own business and making it more sustainable. The best specialists in the industry were invited to conduct the meetings, including Enrica Astra, co-founder of the innovative company Orange Fiber, producing materials from waste after the production of orange juice, also Axel Buchholz, CEO of SOEX Group and I: Collect GmbH, the world’s leading company dealing in textile recycling. Among the guests of the conference was Anja Rubik to whom theme of ecology and sustainable fashion is particularly close.“