ZODIAK hosted representatives of government administration, business, NGOs and science during the meeting with the representative of the Finnish Sitra Mr Jyri Arponen on the subject of CIRCULAR ECONOMY
In 2015 the European Commission adopted an action plan the so-called CIRCULAR ECONOMY. In other words, it is a regenerative economic system where the use of raw materials, the amount of waste as well as emission and energy loss are minimized by creating a closed loop processes in which waste from one process is used as raw material for others, which minimizes the amount of production waste. The Finns were the first to create a document that is a road map in the subject of CIRCULAR ECONOMY as early as 2016, thus becoming the ambassador of this issue.
Meeting was organized as part of the NEXT STEP Poland project #PARP Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu – PAIH Polish Development Fund.