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26/05 2024 07/07 2024
PartycypujeMY! Youth exhibition

Exhibition opening: May 26th at 14:00

Participatory design of public spaces, based on the active involvement of residents, is a key tool for creating sustainable communities.

Young people are a group with little involvement in the co-creation of the city. Not due to a lack of desire, but a belief that they don’t have a right or knowledge to contribute.

In the exhibition, we look at the benefits and challenges of participation. We show that it is not only master architects who can change the city, but also young residents. Schools, parks, squares and plazas are among the projects we’re showing, that engaged young people. Involving them in the design triggered a change in the consciousness of young people: we want to participate and we already know how!

Exhibition’s creators:

Students of the Academy of Young Architects: Alicja Bujar, Julia Giza, Aleksandra Kozak, Amelia Kruk, Kuba Kucała, Dobrosława Kuhnen, Alicja Mościcka, Helena Okulicz-Kozaryn, Filip Putyński, Julia Smoleńska, Zuzanna Syroka, Wojtek Szwarocki, Zuzanna Zoń and other amaiaowcy

Production: Polina Vietrova, Bartłomiej Rey

Films: Lude Reno, Michal Szymanderski-Pastryk, Witek Hebanowski

Acknowledgements: Centrala Group, Po-Nad-To Foundation (Poland), Child Effect Foundation, NGO Hadiach Friendly (Ukraine), Project Safe Refuge (Netherlands), One Caucasus Foundation (Georgia) and all those who participated in the presented activities for their commitment and building a better future for our cities.

Organizers: Inna Przestrzeń Foundation, City of Warsaw

Workshops accompanying the exhibition:

All workshops are conducted in Polish.

  • May 26th May (Sunday), 14:00 Opening. Guided tour-workshop. An ever-changing exhibition. Co-create it with us!
  • May 26th May (Sunday), 15:00 Participatory workshop with Witek Hebanowski: Active inter-generational space. Age group: 14-19 – families welcome!
  • June 8th(Saturday), 15:00 Workshop “Creative world clean up” || Zuzia Mielczarek and Mateusz Włodarek. Age group: 14-19
  • June 15th  (Saturday), 15:00 Workshop “How, where and why” || Katarzyna Zachara. Age group: 14-19
  • June 22nd  (Saturday), 15:00 Workshop “Accessible City” with the PLACES Foundation || Magdalena Storożenko-Polak and Blanka Przedpełska. Age group: 14-19
  • June 29th  (Saturday), 15:00 Workshops “I want to act!” || Artur Wosz and Wiola Januszko. Age group: 14-19