October, 2020

11oct(oct 11)18:00THE SKY COMMODIFIED (ENG)pokaz filmu pracowni LOCUMENT18:00


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Film wyświetlany będzie w języku angielskim.

The sky has become a data mine. This data is now mediated through a complex infrastructure of instruments and apparatuses that help us navigate, surveil, image, and store databases for billions of stars. As astronomical data is the only other dataset comparable in scale to YouTube and Twitter, global tech corporations are competing to host Astro-data on their cloud. Amazon claims that by having access to observatories’ huge datasets through hosting would allow the development of their AI, comparing an astronomer’s search for two to three stars in our galaxy to targeting advertisements to two to three people, tracking potential shoplifters or catching fare-evaders on public transport. Looking out into space could be thus seen as a commodity, as an act of governance much more focused on developing methods of surveillance here on earth than providing answers to our existential questions.


“The Sky Commodified” studies the Astro-industry in the Atacama Desert using three lenses, each engaging a different scale. The immediate scale investigates the physical building, the architectural typology of the observatory and drawing on its rich historical lineage of form and experience. The infrastructural scale analyses the growth of Astro-tourism in the Atacama region, from the local indigenous entrepreneurs and sky-guides, to the foreign observatory hotels, to the international megaprojects such as ALMA. The meta scale explores data-mining and astronomy as a global industry engaged by the tech sector.

“The Sky Commodified” was produced in partnership with MIT Architecture, had it’s worldwide premiere at the Rotterdam Architecture Film Festival 2019 and has been screened internationally at various film and art festivals.

Please note that because of the COVID-19 situation we needed to limit the amount of places. Registration under the link


Directed by: Locument (Francisco Lobo and Romea Muryń), Maya Shopova

Produced by: MIT, Architecture Department

Co-directed with: Aaron Powers, Dijana Milenov, Gary Zhexi Zhang, Kevin Marblestone, Jaya Alba Eyzaguirre, and Prathima Muniyappa

Director of Photography: Diego Cabezas, Dubi Cano Reyes, Francisco Lobo

Sound Design: Eric Maltz

Music: Carlos Cabezas, Eric Maltz, Nicolás Kisic Aguirre, Nicole L’Huillier