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24/02 2024 18:00
Blurred: socially engaged practice | Lecture of Karin Písaříková

During the lecture, Karin Písaříková will introduce her approach to art creation and also a few other artists who involve people in collaboration, social interaction or debate. This approach can be relevant today, as it gives voice to communities and can be helpful to architects and city makers.

This lecture is an event which accompanies the „Echoes of Praga” exhibition.

Karin Písaříková –  is an artist, curator and academic teacher who explores themes related to physicality, everyday life and her personal life in a lively and playful way through performance, video essays, photographs and objects. In the Czech Republic, she studied art history at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University in Brno, continued her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Brno University of Technology in the studio of Body Design (MgA, PhD) and Japan, she studied information design at Tama Art University, where her dissertation dealt with the theme of corporeality as an embodied mind in the context of contemporary art (MA, PhD). Her extensive exhibition activity includes shows and festivals, mainly in Tokyo, but also elsewhere in Japan, as well as in Lithuania and the Czech Republic. She is a long-time curator of Umakart Gallery, an off-space gallery she founded in Brno, and a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology. Karin co-curated the exhibition „Echoes of Praga”.